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Our Partners

To ensure high-quality outcomes, we have partnered with several organizations and experts.

Partners of Arador Health Science

Our international research partners work with us via the network of PIGWEB, a research and infrastructure collaboration funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.


The international research groups most closely involved with us are those at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, and the Insititute of Agrofood Research and Technology in Spain.

In Finland, our research partners are the University of Helsinki, Helsinki Zoo, and Veterinary Clinic Askel, a leading authority in the diagnostics and treatent of pain in dogs.

Partners of Arador Productions

Our virtual reality experiences are co-productions with Teatime Research, a leading Finnish virtual reality studio. In the learning environment for the dairy sector, we also collaborate with the cattle auditing organization Armenta Benessi.

The series of online videos is filmed and edited in collaboration with the multiple-award-winning British documentary filmmaker Amanda Feldon.

The documentary Surprising Rats has been planned together with the award-winning Finnish-Sri Lankan documentary filmmaker Susani Mahadura.

Animal training in our productions has been carried out by the professional trainers Miia Kantinkoski and Tommy Wiren.

Making of Dogs World VR - indoors.jpg

Partners at work on the indoor scenes of Dog's World VR. Animal trainer Miia Kantinkoski is directing Isla the dog, and Paavo Happonen, the chief technical officer of Teatime Research, is operating the stereo camera.

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