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Lake Adventure

A mobile game about the inner worlds of fish and protection of their environment.

Perch and dragonfly larva in comics.png

Do fish have feelings? Are they smarter than we know? How do they cope with a changing environment?

A mobile game in development, with linked science cartoons, will take you on a journey into the underwater world and the latest scientific knowledge about what it's like to be a fish.


Dive into an underwater world. Discover fascinating facts on the surprisingly advanced emotional and learning capacities of fish.  Learn to navigate and succeed in the challenges in their natural environment - and find out what can be done to protect it.

We are currently developing a demo version, with some elements of the full version of the game and comics programmed into it. Once completed, we will release it as a free-to-play game.

Our game development partners have included Sampo Games, Virtual Frontiers, and Aniway.


The development of the demo has been funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland by the AVEK Audiovisual Centre, the nonprofit Tieteen tiedotus that promotes public communication of science, and an Innovation Voucher by Business Finland.

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