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Dog's World VR

A virtual reality experience about the inner worlds of dogs.

Licensed access to a 10-minute version is now available!

Entertaining and informative. Ideal for science centers, museums, and more.

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Technical specifications

A virtual reality headset (VR headset) is required to experience Dog's World VR.


Currently available versions:

  • for all Quest headsets

  • for Windows (SteamVR)


Licensing fee: €300 per month per headset for an unlimited number of users. Discounts when the same organization buys a license for more than one headset: €200 per month for a second headset, €100 per month for any subsequent headset.

Free trial for science centers, museums etc.

Try Dog's World VR for free and test how your customers react!

A rich world of scents opens up in front of you. The sounds you hear, and the colors you see, differ from those seen by humans. Even human speech sounds very different to a dog's ears as compared to ours.

This virtual reality experience, based on the latest scientific knowledge, takes you on a journey into the world as seen by a dog. In the events and narrative, you will also find practical tips on how to make your dog happy.

The currently available version has been designed for science centers, museums, and more.

This 10-minute version focuses on the sensory world of dogs. How do their vision and hearing differ from ours? What kind of "superpowers" do they get from their phenomenal sense of smell and their secret inner compass, the magnetic sense?


The VR experience also includes a window into dogs' emotional lives. How much human speech do dogs actually understand? What does a dog need to have a good quality of life?

For kennel clubs, breeders, shelters, and more, we will later develop an expanded version.

Are you working for an organization that has dog owners or future dog owners among its customers or members? For anyone willing to provide an entertaining in-depth educational experience, we will later develop a longer version of Dog's World VR.


An immersive one-hour tour of the dog’s mind will cover training, health, puppy care, and much more. We are currently seeking funding for the production of this in-depth version.

Scenes from Dog’s World VR, alternating between the point of view of a dog and a human. In the dog view on the left, scents unnoticed to us start drifting in the air as colored clouds.

In the actual VR experience, as seen via a VR headset, everything will be three-dimensional and in real-life size. The intense emotional, immersive experience of virtual reality is very different from any photos.

Partners and funding

Dogs' World VR has been developed as a collaboration between us and the virtual reality studio Teatime Research.


The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland has co-funded the production via the AVEK Audiovisual Centre.

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