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Arador's mission is to use science as a way to make the world a better place for animals and people.

Arador Innovations is a media production studio and a research company, specializing in the science of understanding animal minds.

We develop and produce visual, digital and interactive media, providing easy access to exciting scientific knowledge.

We also carry out scientific research, including development of new methods to detect pain and to monitor the level of welfare.


Our core expertise is in the science of animal emotions, intelligence and well-being.

We aim to make scientific knowledge available to anyone interested in animals: individuals, professionals and organisations.


We develop novel ways to utilize modern media to make scientific knowledge available to anyone in inspiring, easily accessible ways. Most of our product development involves visual and interactive media: games, science comics, and other forms of online content. We also produce traditional media with novel content, such as documentary films and books. This science communication dimension of our work was originally started as a different company, called Animal Mind Productions, which was merged with Arador Innovations at the end of 2021.


We also add to the existing knowledge by carrying out scientific research of our own. The projects we initiate are carried out in collaboration with universities and other institutions. The focus is on topics with potential to substantially improve animal welfare, such as developing new methods to measure animal emotions and welfare.

We are committed to delivering accurate information based on current scientific knowledge. In our own research, we are committed to animal-friendly research methods.


Today, scientists know more about the inner lives of animals than ever before. Emotions experienced by many animals have proven much more intense and nuanced than previously believed. New light has been shed on the levels of intelligence of various species, what motivates animals, and how unwanted behaviours can be modified in animal-friendly ways.


The increases in knowledge also have revealed substantial potential for improvements in animal welfare in food production, laboratories and other large-scale institutions, including some novel findings on what really matters to animals.

Yet only a tiny fraction of that new knowledge has so far been accessible to the general public - or even to those working with animals professionally. This is where we aim to make a difference.

Cutting-edge science opens up fascinating new dimensions in our world views. It provides useful practical insights and information for the benefit of those directly involved with animals, whether at home, as a hobby or at work. The availability of scientific information also is an important element in contributing to constructive discussion in society.

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