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The Mind of a Horse
- a unique combination of comic-book art and scientific storytelling!

​A captivating tour to the inner world of horses!

For horse hobbyists, owners, and anyone interested in animals.

The book will be published in late 2023. The English-language-version will become available for pre-ordering soon. Pre-ordering of the Finnish-language version is available now.


Scroll down to see sample comics from the Finnish-language version!

  • Cutting-edge scientific knowledge

  • Practical expert advice on horse behavior and well-being

  • Visually captivating, like a graphic novel

  • Created by a leading Finnish expert in animal behavior science and by renowned artists

The Mind of a Horse is made possible by fundraising via pre-orders

As a special gift for those pre-ordering the book, we created a pdf guide to recognizing horse emotions by their facial expression. You will get it immediately after paying for your pre-order. Install it on your phone and enjoy it for fun, or compare the expressions you see on your favorite horses!

Topics covered in the book

  • Emotions: How do they work in a horse's mind, and how can you make a difference in a horse's feelings?

  • Learning and training: The secrets to great learning results by using positive reinforcement with skill 

  • Development of a foal: How does the early environment shape a foal's mind for the rest of its life?

  • Problem behaviors: How do they develop, and how can you prevent and cure them?

  • Social behavior: Which tweaks in the stable structures, paddock, or pasture make it easier for horses to peacefully enjoy each other's company?

  • Senses and the environment: How do horses perceive their surroundings, and which environments best promote their well-being?

  • Activity: Why do horses benefit from adding free choice to their daily life, and what are the species-specific behavioral needs of horses?

  • Pain: What types of pain are most common among horses, how can you recognize pain and what can you do about it?

  • Motivations and consciousness: How do motivations actually work in a horse's brain? Can horses think? What kind of conscious experience do horses have?

  • Relationships with humans: How do horses perceive us? How can you achieve an even deeper relationship with your favorite horse?

  • And much more...

The story is told from the viewpoint of different horse personalities, and from that of their fictional but deeply relatable owners. Follow the lives of Shadow, Spirit, Phoenix and their friends as they navigate the joys and challenges of the horse-human relationship, each getting transformed during their journey.

Sample comics from the Finnish-language version

These frames and pages are excerpts from various sections of the book. They have been created to give you a peek into the book to come: snippets of content and style, from beauty to humor. (Copyright of all the samples: Maija Karala / Arador Publishing).

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