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An international favorite! So far, we have received orders from 25 countries.

The Mind of a Horse - cover 3D.jpg

Cutting-edge science comes alive in gorgeous art!

“The Mind of a Horse”, a unique comic book, brings you the latest scientific knowledge.

  • How do horses see the world - what is different and what is similar to our perception?

  • Practical tips on how to improve horse training  and well-being

  • Understanding horse behavior and solving behavior problems

  • How to deepen your relationship with your favorite horse

  • And much, much more

Created by top scientists and artists. Designed for adult and teenage readers: horse enthusiasts and anyone interested in animals.

80 pages. Beautiful art, a captivating story, and bonus content: QR codes delivering further information to your phone.

Price: €26 or the equivalent in your currency. How much is that?

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Social Behavior


Which types of social contact are the most important for horses? How does the type of stable, pasture, or paddock influence a horse’s ability to get along with other horses? How does dominance hierarchy work, and how to prevent it from causing aggression?



What are the species-specific behavioral needs of horses, and how does meeting them contribute to brain health? How do different environments affect the horse's well-being? Why and how does increasing choice in the horse's daily life contribute to brain health?




How does a horse's sensory world differ from ours? How do those sensory experiences affect its behavior? How can we use this knowledge to improve the horse’s quality of life?



How do motivations work in the horse's mind? Can horses think? Which are the most efficient ways to motivate horses?


Emotions and Consciousness


Which emotions do horses feel – and which ones are beyond them? What do the nuances of their body language reveal about their emotional state? What kind of conscious experiences do horses have?

Learning and Training

How do different training methods affect training outcomes and horse health? Which skills does a trainer need to ensure faster learning and more reliable performance?


Problem Behaviors


Why are some horses difficult to saddle and bridle, and what can you do to solve the root cause of the problem? What causes bucking, phobias, aggression, cribbing, weaving…? How to prevent them, and what to do if they are already going on?


Sickness and Pain

What are the most common painful conditions and other health issues in horses? How to recognize the tell-tale signs? How to reduce the risk of getting them in the first place?

Development of the Foal


How does the early environment shape the foal's brain? What are the long-term consequences, still there in adulthood? What is an optimal physical and social environment for a foal?


Relationships with Humans


How do horses perceive us? How can you deepen your relationship with a horse? Which aspects of a horse’s life, besides the obvious ones, affect the ease of handling?

The book's story is told from the viewpoint of three horses and their owners.

Shadow, Spark, Phoenix, and their friends run into the joys and challenges of everyday life.

Intertwining with their story, there is a narration with in-depth, easily accessible science. It will take you ever deeper into the workings of a horse's mind - and how you can make a difference in horses' lives.

Mind of Horse team at meeting.jpg

The book in the making. The artists Maija Karala and Ville Sinkkonen at work, while chatting with the book's main author Helena Telkänranta.

The team that created The Mind of a Horse brings together top professionals in science and art.

  • Scientific content and fact-checking by Dr Helena Telkänranta

  • Script by Dr Helena Telkänranta and Maija Karala

  • Art by Maija Karala and Ville Sinkkonen

  • Scientific reviewers: Prof Christine Nicol, Dr Carole Fureix and Dr Marc Pierard

  • Consulting in practical horsemanship by Minna Tallberg

  • Layout by Heikki Laurila at Studio Glyyfi

Sample pages

Did you know horses have a phenomenal sense of smell?

Page 8 The Mind of a Horse.png

The joys and mishaps of living with horses are familiar to Emily and Jessica...

Page 52 - The Mind of a Horse.jpg

Succeed in horse training with the step-by-step expert advice in the book!

Here is one example:

Page 58 - The Mind of a Horse.jpg

What can the behavior of feral horses tell us about the workings of our own horses' minds?

Page 23 The Mind of a Horse.png

Each chapter in the book opens up fascinating views on how horses see the world - and what we can do with them.

Page 66 - The MInd of a Horse.jpg

At the end of each chapter, there is a text page and QR code for those who want to know more

The QR codes will expand the book to your phone. Thanks to the codes, the book is actually much thicker than the 80 physical pages. Scan a QR code with your smartphone camera, and you'll get instant access to more in-depth knowledge and links to scientific studies.

Page 11 - The Mind of a Horse.jpg
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