Our core team consists of experienced professionals in science and media, talented across multiple fields.

Permanent staff

Helena Telkänranta.jpg

Helena Telkänranta

Founder and CEO

Helena's work in public communication of animal behaviour, cognition and other biological sciences spans decades and has been recognised with multiple awards. She has a PhD in applied animal behaviour science and has worked at the universities of Helsinki, Finland and Bristol, UK. At Arador Productions and Arador Health Science, Helena leads the projects, participates in planning, co-writes scripts and coordinates cooperation with partner organisations.

Maija Karala.jpg

Maija Karala

Science writer and illustrator

​Maija is a biologist with a multi-faceted career in public communication of science: writing, illustrating and lecturing. At Arador Productions, Maija gathers and organises information from scientific publications and other sources, in addition to planning and drawing comics and other illustrations. Maija belongs to the development teams of our games, comics and the documentary film.

Ville Sinkkonen.jpg

Ville Sinkkonen

Concept artist and 3D artist

Ville is a versatile artist with skills in drawing, painting, game development, virtual reality production and more. At Arador Productions, Ville participates in concept development for virtual reality, games and comics, in addition to creating 3D models and other assets. Ville belongs to the development teams of our, games, comics and virtual reality.

Project staff of Arador Productions

Taru Tornikoski, volunteer in documentary film development

Karolina Beirad, intern in public communication of science

Project staff of Arador Health Science

​In the research project carried out at Helsinki Zoo in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and funded by Kone Foundation, comprising infrared thermography and studies on zoo visitors, the core team consists of the following:

Research leads:

Sonja Koski

Emma Vitikainen

Helena Telkänranta


Doctoral student:

Laura Hiisivuori


Shorter-term staff consists of the following:

Current Master's students:

Pirjo Matero

Pinja Nivalainen

Janita Ikonen

Karoliina Kinnari

Mirko Pomatti

Current research interns:

Anssi Vainio

Karolina Beirad

In the research project on infrared thermography and emotions in horses, the team consists of the following:

Project lead:

Helena Telkänranta


Additional student supervision:

Emma Vitikainen

Master's student:

Krista Koppelomäki

Research interns:

Mirko Riekkinen

Anita Bognomini