Who We Are

Helena Telkänranta

Founder and CEO


Joonas Gustafsson

Expert in service design and usability

Our core team consists of experienced professionals in science, media, and technology, talented across multiple fields.

Maija Karala

Science writer and illustrator

Ville Sinkkonen

Concept artist and 3D artist​

Taina Tengvall

Economist, board member

Mari Tienhaara

Expert in veterinary thermography

Matleena Lappalainen

Intern in public communication of science

Taru Tornikoski

Assistant in public communication of science

Sanni Ruuskanen

Intern in public communication of science

Sanni Kokkoniemi

Ph.D. student in thermography


Collaboration with selected partner organizations is a key part of our work.

Our main partners in current projects are the following:

Virtual reality production: The two ongoing virtual reality projects, "Through the Eyes of a Dog" and "Through the Eyes of a Cow", are developed together with the virtual reality studio Teatime Research. In the latter, another key partner is the animal welfare auditing and specialist service Armenta Benessi.

Development of thermographic measurement methodology: Some of our main partners include Veterinary Clinic Askel and the Emotion Science research group of the University of Helsinki.

Additionally, the following students are currently being co-supervised by Arador and the Emotion Science research group:

Laura Hiisivuori, Ph.D. student

Marjo Priha, Ph.D. student

Pirjo Matero, Master's student

Krista Koppelomäki, Master's student

Karoliina Kinnari, Master's student

Mirko Pomatti, Master's student