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Our Funding

Parts of our projects are funded by the European Union, government bodies in Finland, and private foundations.

At the heart of our work is the benefit to society at large, including the animals in it. To make a genuine difference, we combine scientific knowledge with the skills of top professionals. ​ Because of this combination of societal benefits and high quality, we have received funding for our projects from several sources of public money and private foundations, as listed below. ​ Most of Arador's projects are partly or fully self-funded. Part of the revenue from our communication products, such as books, goes towards funding our development of thermal imaging methods for better pain detection and measurement of well-being. Therefore, in addition to disseminating knowledge, our communication products also contribute to a better world in this way.

Funding for Arador Health Science

The research consortium PIGWEB, spanning 10 countries and comprising 16 organizations, including Arador, is funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.

The research project "Visualizing animal emotions", run by Arador and the University in Helsinki in cooperation with the Helsinki Zoo, is funded by the Kone Foundation.

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Funding for Arador Productions

The production of a virtual learning environment for vocational education in the dairy sector, which Arador runs in collaboration with Teatime Research and Armenta Benessi, is funded by the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) program, which operates in connection with the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development of the European Union.

The demo version of the virtual reality experience on dogs, a co-production with Teatime Research, is partly funded by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland (AVEK). The series of online videos on farm animals is partly funded by the Committee for Public Information (TJNK), an expert body attached to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, and by the Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists (FASEJ). For the mobile game Lake Adventure, the beginning of development by Siluris Communications and Animal Mind Productions was partly funded by AVEK, by Business Finland with an Innovation Voucher, and by Tieteen tiedotus, a Finnish foundation for advancing public communication of science.

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