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In the Pipeline

For a peek at future releases, explore the drop-down menu of this page, or enjoy the behind-the-scenes photos below.

Arador Productions creates digital, visual, and interactive media for you. All our media are designed to provide easy access to in-depth scientific knowledge. ​ We use existing technology, with our own twist, to bring cutting-edge science to life. ​ Some of our projects are for anyone interested, such as our mobile game that you can play as a fun but scientifically accurate fish. Likewise, our online videos show the most common farm animals' surprising learning ability and emotional intensity. Best of all, we will distribute the game and the online videos for free! ​ Another production for anyone is our documentary movie, revealing the amazingly sympathetic side of an often-vilified species, the rat, and exploring the unused potential to use science to reduce the suffering of very large numbers of animals. ​ For professional use, we are developing a virtual reality learning environment for the dairy sector and a virtual reality experience for science centers, museums, arcades, etc. to allow their clients to try out seeing the world like a dog does.

Old chickens learning new tricks. Helena Telkänranta is training chickens at the Tuulispää Animal Sanctuary in Finland to be handled during the filming of our online video series.

The small mounted camera is fascinating, in the opinion of these two film stars. Polaris (the white one) and Altair (the gray one) are among the pet rats in the documentary film project Surprising Rats.

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