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Pet Minds


A series of video lectures by Dr Helena Telkänranta

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The English-language versions will become available in 2023.


The Finnish-language versions are available now.

Feedback from participants of the first Finnish-language lectures in August 2022:

"An awesome, comprehensive experience."


"An excellent lecturer."


"The combination of theory and practice is super useful."

"It was a great and interesting set, delivered with expertise."


"A well-structured lecture. The review of up-to-date scientific research was superb."


"A lot of useful new information even for an experienced owner and hobbyist."


"New points of view and insights. Thank you."

Is my pet happy?


How intelligent is my pet?

Which emotions can animals feel – and which emotions are beyond them? (Hint: in either case, not the ones most people would expect)


How intense are animal emotions?


​Which subtle facial expressions can reveal intense emotions?

Do animals have ”secret senses”? (Hint: they do, but again not the ones most people would expect)


How to succeed in training any pet with positive reinforcement - and how does training benefit both animals and owners?


How can I prevent or treat problem behaviors?


What kind of companions do animals need - and how can I improve the chances of them becoming real friends?


How can I improve my pet's well-being?

These questions, and many more, will get answered in a series of exciting lecture videos, based on solid science.



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